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Friday, November 22, 2013

Distorter by Greenbush Brewing

To honor the Greenbush Tap Takeover at the Public House in downtown Ferndale I will be reviewing their American Porter called Distorter. I was able to pick this beer up at 8 Degrees Plato in one of my New Beer Thursdays mixer sixers.

The Distorter has a pitch black look with a solid tan head that leaves some lacing in the glass. It looks so delicious. The Distorter  hosts a bouquet of aromas like roasted malts and coffee, with a small hint of chocolate. Once that beer hits your lips it submerges your taste buds with roasted grains, dark roasted coffee, small hints of chocolate. There is a low amount of carbonation, very smooth with a nice bitterness. The Distorter's ABV is 7.20%. 

I only purchased one beer for my mixer sixer, but I will be a return customer on this porter. I hope to make my way to Public House today and grab some of Greenbush's delicious beer, including Distorter. Their taps start flowing at 11 AM. 

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