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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Caribou Slobber by BL Brewing

I started back in October making my first home brew, the Caribou Slobber came with my home brewing starter kit. It was easier then I thought it would be, but it was still a challenge in my kitchen. I will for sure move outside to make my next batch. I used Ferndale,MI Tap water for my boil. The recipe came with specialty grains that required steeping for half hour. I added the malt extract and brought it to a boil. The smell was good until it came to adding the hops to the boil. Adding the hops made the house smell...interesting...yeah thats the nice way to put it. Once I cooled the wort and transferred the liquid to the carboy and pitched the yeast it was wait time. I let it sit in stage one fermentation for 4 weeks, this is the longest the instructions say to go (2-4 weeks). I transferred the beer from first to second stage on Halloween. This proved to be the worst time to do perform this task. In between trick-or-treaters I was able to transfer the beer successfully.

I let the beer sit in second fermentation for another two weeks before bottling. Now I went the cheap way, proved not to be the cheap way. I had been hording beer bottles from the craft beer I had been drinking during the 6 weeks of fermentation. When it came to bottling I thought I was short, so I woke up and cracked a couple Evil Urges while sanitizing all of the bottles and equipment. One thing that I forgot to do before transferring the beer from carboy to the bottling bucket was the priming solution. I had poured about a quarter of the beer into the bottling bucket before remembering. So I stopped the transfer, and made the priming solution and added it to the already transferred beer. It took a long time to bottle the beer. Once it was bottled I placed it in my basement and waited two weeks.

Once the two weeks was up I moved the beer to the refrigerator. Once it cooled for a day I opened my first beer. At first taste it tasted of a brown ale, fairly light and a little low on carbonation. The after taste had a kind of interesting bottle/steel taste. I feel that this type of taste comes from the Ferndale tap water I used. For my next batch I plan on using filtered water. I will also remember the priming solution for the bottling before transferring the beer to the bottling bucket. I plan on buying new bottles to use for my next batch. I will try to re-use as many bottles that I can, but I think having new bottles can only help.

As I drink more I come across different levels of carbonation. I have noticed that the more carbonated the beer is the better the beer tastes. I will continue drinking and enjoying these beers and making more when time comes. If you would like to share in a brown ale made by yours truly and are in the Detroit Metro area let me know. 

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