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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chocolate Stout by Harpoon

On Sunday afternoon I decided I would fry a chicken in my new Big Easy IR Fryer. Doing this type of thing makes me feel like a real manly man, so I figured I should crack open a couple brews while I cook, and while I eat this meal that I prepared. I started out with a Mead from B Nektar, it was sour to smell and to taste. Once I finished that I grabbed a stout that I purchased from 8 Degrees Plato as part of my Winter Sixer Mixer, it was the Chocolate Stout by Harpoon Brewing. I have had some Harpoon beers in the past and so I knew they produce a solid product. I did not know that they were a bunch of geniuses when it comes to chocolate stout. I poured my chocolate stout and took a whiff, it was full of rich chocolaty aromas. It had a two finger tan head that laced around the glass as I drank it. When I took my first sip I wasn't sure if this was a Stout or if they had filled the bottle with chocolate milk instead. It was delicious, and smooth all the way down. I was sad when the last drop hit my lips, because I only had one bottle. I hope that 8 Degrees Plato still has some in stock because I would love to purchase a sixer of Chocolate Stout. I give this a 9/10 rating and hope to drink another one sooner rather then later. 

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