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Monday, December 2, 2013

Evil Urges by Short's Brewing Company

During the bottling process for my first home brew I was running short on usable bottles. So I opened my refrigerator and grabbed for one of the 12 oz Evil Urges. This beer comes from Short's Brewing Company out of Bellaire,MI. The color of the pour is very dark and has less then one finger of tan head. The head is spotty and shows lacing and clings around the glass. It has an aroma of raisins, prune, figs, pear, and apples with roasted malts and some dark chocolate. Once I tasted the beer the flavors pair nicely with the smell. It has a dark rich flavor of roasted malts, fruits and spices. It has a smooth finish with low carbonation. This is a nice Belgian dark ale, I don't feel it was worth the 1 6-pack per customer billing that it received at 8 Degrees Plato, but I am glad I have the rest of the
6-pack left in my refrigerator. 

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