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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter-Weizen by Woodward Avenue Brewery

I decided to attempt some poetry in honor of the holiday season. Please be gentle in the reviews for it is my first poem in many a moon.

The Winter-Weizen
It was the last day of the semester for Ashley and I. 
We wanted to celebrate, my how time had flown by. 
We chose a local favorite, a brewery of course,
I started with their Winter-Weizen with no buyers remorse. 
I drank the first drop, it was weizen and light,
With a little orange it could be drank as a summer delight. 
When I finished this beer, I was left downtrodden and sad,  
For the waiter took forever to bring another drink, boy what a drag. 
But the night was not ruined for I was blessed,
I enjoyed a delicious dinner and more beer with no duress. 

So there it was. Not sure when I will produce another "master piece" of poetry, so enjoy. Overall the Winter-Weizen by the guys over at Woodward Avenue Brewery was a delicious beer. I believe this was a new beer to their winter list. I hope the keep brewing it, and change its name for summer enjoyment. (7/10)

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