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Monday, December 15, 2014

12 Beers of Christmas: Day 3 and 4

Saturday night the Ugly Christmas sweater party was most excellent. They served the finest of big brand light beers, Miller Lite. There was also a good selection of Christmas themed jello shots. Due to my old age the hangover period took longer then it used to take, causing me to miss the 3rd beer of Christmas. According to my friend Richie, drinking an Atkins Shake the next day helps cure his hangovers. I know what your thinking,  "the discontinuity within your blog really shows your lack of commitment to a passion project. If you aren't committed to this blog why should I, the reader, be committed?"

That is a great question fictitious blog follower friend. In my defense, eh who cares. It's a blog about beer, and there will be casualties along the way due to blog research (fancy way of saying drinking beer). So in order to make up for this lack of inconsistency I will double up beers 3 and 4 of Christmas.  And believe me, it will be like the missed post never happened. We can all move on, put in our review mirrors of life. Here we go, time to get back into the Christmas spirit and drink some beer!

On the third day of Christmas my craft beer store gave to me, one Christmas Ale by Atwater Brewery!

ABV: 6.5%

I grabbed this 12 oz. bottle of joy from 8 Degrees Plato. It has a dark amber look, and minimal head. Atwater did a great job on the label, it really has a Christmas sweater look. It has a very interesting taste, I can't put my finger on it. It is very malty, and tastes a little like apricot. Not your typical Christmas Ale. It drinks very smooth, with a malty taste. I think Atwater could have done better in terms of Christmas beers. It won't keep me from drinking there other great beers.

On the fourth day of Christmas my craft beer store gave to me, one 4 Elf Winter Warmer Ale by Dark Horse Brewing Company!

ABV: 9%

This beer is in my top 5 Christmas beers. According to Dark Horse Brewery's website, it is a spice Winter Warmer brewed with nutmeg, clove, allspice and other holiday flavors. The 4 Elf  Winter Warmer Ale pours dark with minimal head and nice lacing around the glass. The nutmeg and allspice really comes out in the sweet aroma.The darkness of this beer can be experienced once the liquid touches your lips. After the winter warmer and roasted notes excuse themselves from the taste palate you are greeted by a deliciously crisp taste where the nutmeg really comes through. If you are in on a cold winter evening, this is the beer for you. It makes me feel warm and comfortable inside. If you aren't a beer lover, please try this beer, it will change your opinion and add another great beer to your rotation.

Alright, we are back on track. See you tomorrow folks. Until then, drink on craft beer aficionados. 

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