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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

12 Beers of Christmas: Day 5

Oh the weather outside is weather. Boy it was an awful day of weather here in Metro Detroit, light rain the entire day. Not to mention it is only Tuesday. Is it possible to have a case of the Mondays, on a Tuesday? I believe you can, because I went all day with a case of the Mondays. The only thing keeping me from snapping and tossing my laptop across the office was the thought of coming home to my family and a delicious beer. I am here, on my couch with my dog Lucy and my cat Nala, dinner  is in the oven, I got basketball on the television, and a cold glass of beer in hand. Tonight I will be reviewing the fifth beer of Christmas, time is flying by for this series. I hope your ready for another great beer.

For the fifth day of Christmas my craft beer store gave to me, one Dr. Zeus by Short's Brewery!

ABV: 4.5%

Dr. Zeus isn't your normal Indian Pale Ale(IPA), this one is brewed with hops from Zeus' private Hop stash. Can you imagine all the trouble Short's goes through to get these hops? Having to climb Mt. Olympus as mere mortals. If you don't realize how rare these hops are, you have a lot to learn. Short's Brewery has so many excellent beers, and they always show their creativity in the names and the labels. Dr. Zeus isn't any different. Dr. Zeus is brewed with English Ale Yeast and American Zeus hops creating a sharp nose of lemon tart and spice. It has a fruity taste to me, you can definitely taste the lemon tart. It still has the common traits of IPAs, such as the grassy and straw hop flavors. The bitterness is just right, giving it a refreshing taste. It pours with a golden color with lacing on the glass as it disappears down my gullet. Even though this is the first beer on the 12 Beers of Christmas list that has an ABV below 6%, I think it is a very good beer. If you are looking for the IPA taste without the high ABV of most IPAs, this is going to be the beer for you.

Now sit back, relax, and grab a beer. Drink on craft beer fanatics.

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