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Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday Night Drinks

It's Friday Night, and the feelings right. In fact it is so right, its wrong. Well not really. I just had a dentist appointment and doctor's appointment today, so I am ready for some beers. Since I was getting a physical the doctor told me not to eat for 12 hours leading up to the appointment. As a big guy, this wasn't fun, especially since the appointment wasn't until 1:40 in the afternoon. 

I am sitting in my living room playing with my puppy trying to figure out what beers to drink. I still have half a case of my Smashing Pumpkin Ale and some other craft beers to choose from. Lets see if I can't get into a little trouble. 

Like every Friday at 6 PM, 8 Degree's Plato does their free beer tasting up the street from my house. Tonight they are featuring Right Brain Brewery and some of their delicious brews. I always enjoy the free tasting, not just because I can taste beers I have never had before, but because I can put new beers into my Untapped profile. For all of you who don't know, Untapped is a social network type application/website that lets you track beers and earn badges for the different styles of beer that you drink. My untapped profile name is WALBill, feel free to follow me and see all the delicious beers that I am drinking. 

Now it is time for me to crack my first beer for the night. It will in fact be one of my Smashing Pumpkin Ales. So if you follow me on Untapped you will see the check it. Drink on my beer loving cohorts and have a fun and safe night. Remember don't drink and drive, use Uber instead. And remember, dart boards are maid with horse hair. 

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