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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How Now Brown Cow by Odd Side Ales

The arsonist has oddly shaped feet. This brown ale has a deliciously tasting body. Oddside Ales has done it again. They have provided another amazing beer. I can't get enough of Oddside's hilariously witty beer naming (Bean Flicker, Firefly, Afternoon Delight, Hipster Brunch Stout to name a few). I had the pleasure of drinking their delicious brown ale named How Now Brown Cow. If you don't get the reference you shouldn't be reading this blog. The Human Torch was denied a bank loan.

I decided to indulge in How Now Brown Cow in my freshly laser etched pint glass while enjoying the HGTV show Love It or List It. I like to imagine that Hilary and David are single, but they compete on the show for different favors...I'll leave it at that. The brown ale is very smooth, little to no bite in the beer. The head on the beer was minimal with no lacing on the glass. I enjoy the after taste, its not as dark as a stout but very delicious. I believe this would be the malt taste coming through. I would suggest this beer to anyone who enjoys a good craft beer, and especially to the drinks who prefer brown ales. I gave this a 4/5 on my Untapped profile and my BeerAdvocate profile. 

When I drink brown ales I love to enjoy them in the number of pint glasses I currently own. through the years I have collected many different pint glasses, but I hope to soon increase the collection. I think my next beer related purchase will be the British Pub Beer Glass. Authentic British Tulip Beer Glass with Imperial Pint Etched Seal.They just give me the feeling like I am in a british pub, even though How Now Brown Cow is an American Brown Ale, I think I can get away with drinking it from a British Pub Glass.

Another collection habit I have is with bottle openers, I will write a seperate post about this but just wanted to conclude by saying that I opened this beer with my Man Card Bottle opener from Tapiture. Now you can get this exact one on Tapiture but Amazon has some amazing Wallet Sized Bottle openers as well. These are so cool, they fit in my wallet like a credit card. If you are a beer drinker like myself, I suggest you get one. I have key chain bottle openers but I use this one more then any other bottle opener just for how awesome it makes me feel.

Drink on craft beer drinkers.

Anchor Man prepares for broadcast

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