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Friday, January 30, 2015

Slurred Words - Episode 02 - Samassa, Armstrong, and Redo

Episode 02 - Armstrong, Massa, and Redo

In light of the U of M fraternities being charged roughly $50,000 in damages at ski resorts in Northern Michigan during MLK long weekend Armstrong, Redo and myself discuss our King of the Mountain trips that we took back in college. During the discussion we drink some beers, take some shots, and have an overall fun time. With the help of Samassa, we get into Armstrong and Redo's drinking history and how messed up Flint, MI can be for a young man.

The beers that we feature during this podcast are:

  • Imperial Stout by Founders (reviewed here)
  • Ain't no Sunshine When Saison by Oddside Ales
  • Monkey King Saison by New Holland Brewing

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