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Friday, January 2, 2015

Standing Wave Pale Ale by Kannah Creek Brewing Company

Thank God for the holiday break. I have been listening to Bill Simmons BS Report Podcast and he has mentioned multiple times how the HBO Original Series The Wire was one of the greatest shows on TV. It has great characters and actors that have been used in other great shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

The HBO On Demand has all 5 seasons available and I have been slowly making my way through them. Right now I am on Season 3 Episode 4, I am anxious to see how this District Commander's plan of moving drug activity to vacant areas will work. Also, is Marlo's crew going to cause more shit in the streets of West Baltimore? How will Omar handle the death of one of his crew members? What is Little Finger, I mean Councilman Thomas Carcetti, up to? Will Avon's crew get back on top? There are a lot of little sub stories going on. Really good TV.

I enjoy watching shows with a delicious beer in hand. My selection this evening is from my first Craft Beer Club box, Standing Wave Pale Ale by Kannah Creek Brewing Company.

ABV: 5.5%

As the bottles states, the beer is amber in color with a distinctive hoppy characteristic. The hoppy aroma is followed by a hoppy taste known to the Pale Ale beer category. The beer has good lacing around the glass with a white and small head. It has a crisp feel to it, and fills your mouth with hoppy goodness. If this is an example of the type of beers the Craft Beer Club will be sending, I am very satisfied and very excited.

I will end this blog with a quote from The Wire:

Detective James McNulty: "All those mopes in bracelets and not one of them named Osama"

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