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Monday, February 16, 2015

All Day IPA by Founders Brewing Co.

This Valentine's Day was a special day for fans of Founder's Brewery out of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Tickets went on sale Saturday at 11 AM EST for Kentucky Breakfast Stout Release Week is March 9 - 14 throughout Grand Rapids, MI. Within minutes they sold out. The $5 ticket gartuntees the ability of that person to purchase up to three 4-packs of Founder's 2015 KBS. Founder's KBS is aged in bourbon barrels for a year in caves beneath Grand Rapids and is included frequently in lists of the best beers in the world. 

My buddy Frisk was able to get a ticket for the Wednesday night and was a little pissed off about the restriction of only three 4-packs. According to him, in the past the restriction was four 4-packs. I am hoping to get at least one 4-pack down in the Metro Detroit area before all the craft beer stores sell out. This could be another Hopslam bum rush where they sell out within minutes of it hitting the shelves. 

In honor of the KBS release week tickets going on-sale I enjoyed a regular in Founder's beer rotation, All Day IPA. 

ABV: 4.7%

Look: 3.0
Smell: 3.5
Taste: 3.5
Feel: 3

This beer had an amazing aroma of hops to it. It poured with a semi clear dark goldish color, this could have been the lighting in Redcoat Tavern though. There was minimal head but noticeable lacing around the glass while drinking. As an IPA I thought it would have a higher ABV, but at 4.7% this beer could easily be enjoyed on a hot summer day or at the ball park cheering on your home town team. There was a good hoppy taste to this IPA. There was a bit of a bite of carbonation. As a Hop Head I really enjoyed this beer and will be including it in my spring/summer IPA rotation. There was 

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