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Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Liberator by Short's Brewing


I am currently take a statistics class while working towards my MBA at Walsh College. It is a very time consuming class. It was advertised as a 2+2 (2 hours online with 2 hours of in class lecture). Unfortunately, this statistics class can not be taught in this format and is unofficially a 3+2 format. After studying for 45 minutes, I decided I need a study break. The only way that I know how to study is with a god damn study beer. Tonight I reached into the beer refrigerator and pulled out Short's Brewing Company's Imperial IPA, The Liberator. It is doing the trick, Liberating me from my grad school woes for the time being.

The Liberator - Short's Brewing Company

ABV: 7.40%

Look: 4.5
Smell: 4.0
Taste: 4.0
Feel: 4.25
Overall: 4.0

The Liberator pours with a dark amber color and fingers worth of white head, which dissipated within a minute of the beer being poured. There is a tantalizing hoppy aroma accompanied by citrus,mainly grapefruit and orange, and pine notes dancing inside my nose. The flavor of the beer follows the nose, with pine taking the lead and grapefruit jumping in quickly. There is good bitterness to The Liberator along with medium carbonation. Overall, The Liberator is an easy drink and one of the best beers I have tasted from Short's. There is awesome flavors of grapefruit, orange, and pine accompanied by a good display hops. I would recommend this Imperial IPA to any Hop Head.

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