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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Falling Down Beer Company - Brewery Review

"I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down
I get knocked down
But I get up again
You're never gonna keep me down"

Chumbawamba - Tubthumping

Sound track to my life. Whenever I think of Falling Down Beer Company comes into my head. Of course its for the obvious reason, the lead guitarist for Chumbawamba, Allan "Boff" Whalley, is a huge craft beer fan. Actually, I don't know if thats true. It could be true, but don't quote me on that. Tubthumping comes into my head because of the Beer companies name, Falling Down, being another phrase for being knocked down. Like the band Chumbawamba had with Tubthumping, Falling Down Beer Company has a hit on their hands. Unlike Chumbawamba, for Falling Down Beer Company the hits keep on coming. 

On a random Tuesday evening my good friend Nick and I decided it was time to venture over to Falling Down Beer Company in Warren, MI and have ourselves some beer and food. As we made it from Royal Oak to Warren, jamming to Eagle's music on the way, we discussed the many issues in the world and how the government just wasn't equipped to solve these problems, take Baltimore for instance. First the rise in crime as depicted by the hit show The Wire, and now rioting in the streets. In actually the conversation was more focused on the Eagle's cool documentary on Netflix that I just watched and Nick had already seen. What a fantastic watch, if you haven't seen it you should. 

As we drove on 10 Mile Rd we were directed to Falling Down by a large sign high up in the air, if you are by the Hazel Park Race track you can't miss this sign. Pulling into the drive way the first thought that comes into my mind is that the building looks like an old McDonalds. Which is ironic since right next door was a brand new McDonalds. We park in the back and make our way to the door. As we walked in did a quick recon of my surroundings. On the room to the right of the bar is where the "magic" happens, it looks to house the majority of their brewing equipment. To the left of the bar is a good sized room for sitting and enjoying some beers and some food. Of course, there is the option to take a seat at the bar, but Nick and I decided to grab a high top instead.

Ninja Chicken Black
The waitress/bartender was very kind and welcoming when she brought the food and drink menus. Because we had never been to Falling Down before, and I have only had the pleasure of tasting two of their beers, I asked for a recommendation. The first thing that came to her was a variation of their famous Ninja Chicken called Ninja Chicken Black. At first I thought why does it have be black, I quickly filed that bad joke and decided to order a glass. 

While she was getting our beers Nick and I decided to order an appetizer off their food menu called the Deep Fried Trio. It includes Onion Rings, Fried Pickles, and Fried Mozzarella. By the time this decision was made she was back with our beverages and took the order right away. We were pleasantly surprised, looking over their menu, at how amazing all of their food sounded. In a smaller Brewery Tap Room I would expect simple dishes, maybe a greasy hamburger and lots of fried food. The burger that I ordered, Eric's Ultimate, has bacon, avocado, and an egg on it. Thats some real gourmet cooking. It was cooked to order and tasted amazing. Nick order the chicken sliders, those looked amazing and from what he tells me they were. 

Blood Orange Summer IPA
While we indulged in the amazing food I started to look around and check out the decor of the joint. You can tell you are in the Metro Detroit, the sports team pride is proudly displayed throughout the bar. I was very happy that they had a handful of TVs playing the Tigers game. The bar is a medium sized bar with I believe 6 or 7 of their handcrafted beers on tap. The Ninja Chicken Black was very enjoyable. The dark roasted flavor was very good, it seemed to be dancing a little with the Stout style of beer. I would recommend trying it if you can. The second beer I ordered was their Blood Orange Summer IPA. This was my first Blood Orange IPA and I will admit, I enjoyed the hell out of it. The grape fruit forward taste was deliciously mixed with a strong citrusy flavor. All that was complemented by a bitter hoppy flavor in the finish. Overall this was a good IPA. I hope to enjoy many more in the coming months, years, decades. 

I was happy to finally make my way over to Falling Down Beer Company. Don't let the outside fool you, there is top of the line beer and food being served their. Probably the best food and beverages that building has ever seen. If you happen to be in the Metro Detroit area, Falling Down Beer Company is recommended. Remember in life, you may get knocked down or be falling down, but its whether you get up again that defines the type of person you are. I think that is really what Chumbawamba was talking about. 

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