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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Magnanimous Black Ale by Chatterbox

Do you remember that kid when you were growing up that seemed to have all the cool toys and latest technology? For me growing up was in the 90s, so when I say technology I am referring to the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo NES. Sometimes those kids even had stand up games like at an arcade. What about the family that had ALL of the Hasbro Board Games. It seems like growing up board games were amazing and fun for the whole family, now they are a novelty that the youth of the 80's and 90's play at the bars. Walking into the Chatterbox Pub brings you right back to your childhood friend’s basement and to the dinner table where you played board games.

The first thing you see walking into Chatterbox Pub is the the hostesses table decorated with a vintage Lite-Brite with the message "Please Wait To Be Seated" spelled out with lite pegs. Behind the table you see a wall of all the classic board games. The restaurant is to the one side and the bar to the other, obviously I chose the bar. Walking into the bar area I hear some weird cartoon, Uncle Grandpa, on 9 of the 10 TVs. On the 10th TV they have ESPN where the New York Yankees were playing Detroit Tigers. I grab a seat at the near empty bar, it being 3 in the afternoon and all. They have a large oval shaped bar with a set of Taps on the far side. Their draft list includes chatterbox brewed beers and local craft beers. Amongst their draft list they also have an extensive bottle list. Against the far wall stands a cooler with the large bottle selection displayed.

As I take my seat at the bar I am greeted by my bar tender Terra. She runs through the draft list informing me which ones are still available. I mention to her that I am waiting to go to the airport for my 8 o'clock flight, so she tells me I can jump on the Sega or Nintendo to kill time. After examining the draft list, nothing really jumps out at me so I ask for Terra's suggestion. She barks off two or three she likes and then offers to bring me some samples.
At Chatterbox.the food seemed to be on the expensive side, $11 for fried pickles and $6 for French fries. For lunch I chose the Kentucky Beer Fondue Burger without the egg. It was a very good burger, interesting spin with pico de gallo on the burger.

I think it was the bars way of doing things, but they kept Uncle Grandpa on cartoon network for some time before one of the waiters decided to change to another channel.  The next cartoon they put on was Powerpuff Girls on Boom Network.  I found this odd, I asked for ESPN on the TV in my line of site. I'm all for being unique but a cartoon playing on the TV with audio blasting on the speakers is annoying.

Magnanimous Black Ale - Chatterbox

ABV: Unavailable

Taste: 3
Smell: 3
Feel: 2.75
Look: 3.25
Overall: 3

I was surprised that Chatterbox had their own beers. It didn't give off a vibe of a brewery, and they didn't make it known except on the draft menu. Magnanimous Black Ale was the beer that I liked the most, but the range of beers they had did not satisfy my taste buds as much as I would have like. The Magnanimous Black Ale is an American black that's mildly earthy, with hints of molasses, roasted malts and chocolate malts. It pours with a black color, which makes sense, with a small tan head. The taste was fairly dry with the molasses and roasted malts flavors coming forward the most. I hoped that the chocolate malts would have been more present in the taste. The body was lite, with strong carbonation bite at the end. The beer was left me wanting some more flavor and little more body. I think when I ordered the black ale I expected more of a stout like feel, which is a mistake on my part. I won't seek out the Magnanimous Black Ale, but I don't regret trying it on my never ending quest to try every beer I can get my hands on. 

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