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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Slurred Words Episode 20 - Stephen Roginson of Batch Brewing Company

Wednesday 18 - November 2015
Episode 20 - Stephen Roginson of Batch Brewing Company

This episode takes us down to the historical Detroit neighborhood Cork Town with Head Brewer and Founder of Batch Brewing Co. Stephen Roginson. You may know Batch Brewing from their Kickstarter Campaign, as the 2013 Hatch Detroit contest winner, as one of the hottest new brewpubs in Detroit. Stephen was such a great interview. He has a great story about how he got into brewing and how he hustled to get Batch Brewing Co. up and running. They are one the hottest new brewpubs around and not only are they producing creative and flavorful beers but they are also using their brewery to give back to the community with the Feelgood Tap. Go down and enjoy a beer, some food, and some good conversation.

This episode I am going to highlight a bottle opener company that is running their kickstarter campaign right now, Eagle Lock Company Cap-Off Bottle Opener. This is an awesomely unique bottle opener and conversation starter. American made, hand crafted bottle openers using the original Eagle Lock Company design from the 1940's. Mike and Matt have a great product and I want their kickstarter campaign to succeed. So go check them out on Kickstarter Eagle Cap-off bottle opener and support the cause!

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