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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Slurred Words Episode 23 - Brey Sloan of Riverwatch Brewery

Wednesday 9, December 2015
Episode 23 - Brey Sloan of Riverwatch Brewery

If you are playing Slurred Words he home game then you know that I left you hanging last week. I would like to plead my case and let you know that I just started a new full time job and last week was my first week, so I was a little bogged down with that. But don't fear my Slurred Wordians I am back this week with another new episode with another brewery. This week my guest is Brey Sloan who is the owner and head brewer of Riverwatch Brewery, the first brewery in Augusta, GA since Prohibition. Brey has a great story about how she learned how to brew turning a training course in the Military and continued honing her skills during her travels before retiring from the Military to Augusta, GA with her husband, and two kids. I was thankful that Brey took the time to talk with me during my recent vacation to the home of the Masters and my grandparents.

If you have been listening or if you heard the special Thanksgiving day episode I have been a big fan and supporter of the Eagle Lock Company's Kickstarter campaign for the Cap-Off bottle opener. I am happy to announce that they have met their goal of $50,000. If you haven't supported their campaign there is still time! Less then 60 hours worth of time. So head on over to Kickstarter and check out the Eagle Lock Company Cap-Off campaign.

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Big thanks to Son Step for the wicked theme music.

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