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Monday, December 28, 2015

Slurred Words Episode 24 - Jason, Jason, and Gary of Farmington Brewing Co.

This weeks guest are the guys behind Farmington Brewing Company in Farmington, MI. Farmington Brewing Company is the brainchild of two innovated scientists, Jason Hendricks and Jason Schlaff. Jason and Jason met in 2009 at their work in Novi. After talking about home brewing for a month or so, they decided to just jump into. With the help of Jason's Schlaff's father, Gary who joined the team in 2013, the trio was able to take their garage dreams into a big time reality.

As I am an amateur podcaster and I recorded this episode, many of my episodes, in the brewery the audio on Gary and Jason Hendricks is not top notch. You can still hear Gary and Jason but its not as clear as I would like it.

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Big thanks to Son Step for the wicked theme music.

Now I would like to call this session to order by raising a glass to Jason, Jason, and Gary and Farmginton Brewing Company, " To Slurred Speech and the Stories we Preach".

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