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Friday, August 19, 2016

The Return of Stroh's to Detroit

New Stroh's Label for Bohemian-Style Pilsner
Thursday night in Detroit, many people gathered to celebrate the return of the once great Stroh's beer to Detroit. Of course Stroh's has continued to be brewed since it left Detroit in the 80's, but that was brewed by the big evil corporations. The big news is that Stroh's is being brewed in Detroit again, at the contract brew house Brew Detroit in Corktown. This won't be the same Stroh's that your father or grandfather are used to, its no longer the American-style lager they grew up with but a Bohemian style pilsner.
Stroh's Label from back in the day
Stroh's has a rich history in Detroit, established originally as Lion's Head Brewery in Detroit back in 1850 by Bernhard Stroh. In 1902 the name was officially changed to Stroh's. Stroh's was one of the few breweries that survived through prohibition. By 1978 Stroh's was availble in 17 states and by 1982 was the third largest brewer in the U.S. In 1985 Stroh's left Detroit and was sold to Pabst Brewing Company and Miller Brewing Company on February 8, 1999.

With the new Stroh's hitting the stores and bars Monday August 22,  I wonder if it will be the top beer choice for hipsters in and around Detroit. At many of the "hipster" spots around town you can find a 16 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon for a very good price (Imperial has it for $2). When I'm not drinking a craft beer, I tend to drink a Pabst as my first choice. Personally, it tastes better then Bud Light and Miller Light, and the price is always right. I do not know what Stroh's will be retailing for, but I imagine if they can hit the price point close to PBR, it will give the blue ribbon winner a run for its money.

Though the kickoff was Thursday night, I wonder if there will be more Stroh's parties before the release on Monday? With this weekend being the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise, I would think they could have a big response setting up a party or tent somewhere along the cruise.

Learn more about Stroh's Brewery and the history of brewing in the Motor City by checking out the latest book by Stephen C. Johnson, Detroit Beer Book - A History of Brewing in the Motor City.

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