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Friday, January 20, 2017

Episode 69 - Mini-Sode Top Films of 1989

Friday January 20, 2017
Episode 69 - Mini-sode Top Films of 1989

This weeks mini episode is full of top films of 1989 and a story of mine, Time Traveling with Music: Feelings by The Offspring.

10. Best of the Best
9. Road House
8. Major League
7. Uncle Buck
6. The Burbs
5. When Harry Met Sally
4. Dead Poet Society
3. Field of Dreams
2. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
1. Batman

Time Traveling with Music: Feelings by The Offspring

Midnight, November 9, 2004 was the release date for a very popular game in my high school days, Halo 2. It was a Tuesday almost halfway through my Junior year in High School at Spring-Ford High School in Royersford, PA. Spring-Ford was my third high school in as many years. I started high school at a small Catholic high school in Beaverton, OR called Valley Catholic. When my family moved across the United States to Pennsylvania I started my sophomore year late at Plymouth Whitemarsh Senior High School. After the first semester, my parents bought a house in Collegeville, PA and I transferred to the school where I would graduate, Spring-Ford High School.

The first group of friends I made at Spring-Ford were through a kid in my German class, Jed. Jed introduced me to the lunch crew, they became some of my closest friends. We instantly hit it off, talking about video games, and one game in particular, Halo for the X-Box game console. We would get together after school at Jed's house and have Halo LAN parties with as many as 8 people. It was great. When Halo 2 was coming out I got excited for two reasons. First, my best friend from Oregon, Andrew, was going to come and visit me in PA for the first time and second, Halo 2 would have a lot of new maps and weapons to mix things up.

Halo 2 would be the first and only game where I've participated in a midnight release. I had convinced my parents to let me stay home from school the next day to play the Halo 2 with my friend Andrew. We got into my Ford Taurus and drove over to the local Game Stop and waited in the parking lot for the store to open. Once we got the game, we raced home to play the game. In the cd player was one of my favorite bands, The Offspring, and their CD Americana.  As we rolled up to my house, track 6 came on, “Feelings”.

"Feelings/Nothing more than feelings/Trying to forget my/Feelings of hate".

Andrew had just gone through a nasty breakup, we had talked about it on and off since he had arrived. As “Feelings” came on the stereo, I could tell that this song was exactly how Andrew was feeling.

"Imagine/Beating on your face/Trying to forget my/Feelings of hate".

Our friendship was always rooted in loyalty. We had been friends since we were babies. Though we grew up very differently, we never grew apart. Andrew was and is a very angry person. While we discussed his breakup, he confessed to me his anger and pain in which he felt caused by this breakup. I never wanted to believe he would do anything to harm another human being, but he did carry a large as knife with him at all times.

"Feelings/For all my life I'll feel it/I wish I'd never met you/You'll make me sick again".

As the song played on, emotions started to rise. At this time, I had never known of that kind of heartache and pain. I just knew I had to be there for my friend. His ex had left him, and got a new boyfriend in no time. Looking back, I know how painful that situation can be. The Offspring must have had some heartbreak in their life to be able to pen this song.
"Feelings, oh oh feelings/ Of hate on my mind/Feelings/Feelings like I never liked you/Feelings like I want to kill you/Live in my heart".

When the song ended, the car went silent, and we sat for a short period before Andrew reached across to the stereo and hit seek. He wanted to listen to the song one more time. Feelings, took his emotions and expressed them through a great rock song by a great band. We sat there and played the song three more times. By that time, Andrew's rage had subsided and we went inside to play Halo 2.

"Feelings/Feelings like I wanna deck you/Feelings like I've gotta get you/Out of my Life".

We played Halo 2 for a solid 6 hours before getting some sleep. We slept through most of the day, when we woke up we were off to a LAN party at my friend Jed's house. To say I was a little worried about introducing Andrew to my new friends was an understatement. Like I said before, Andrew and I had loyalty to each other, but Andrew wasn't what I would call normal or stable. That worry got even worse while driving to Jed's. The topic of Andrew's stability came up and I  brought up his ex girlfriend when he flipped out and pulled his knife out of its sheath and put it in my face.

"Feelings, oh oh feelings/The hate's in my eyes/Feelings, oh oh feelings/You're not very nice".

I was about to turn the car around and head back home. Andrew had never tried to assault me like this before and it really scared me. He quickly retracted the knife, and apologized. He retreated into himself, remaining quiet for the remainder of the car ride. When we got to Jed's house, things were less than stellar. Andrew made one too many strange comments about killing, his ex, and insults directed at my friends, resulting in us having to leave early.

4:26 PM, May 18th, 2016 I am driving home from work listening to my newly downloaded Offspring album on Amazon Music. Though it's not a new Offspring album it is still a great album. Americana is blasting in my car stereo when Track 6 comes on. As soon as the first chord is played, I am instantly transported back to that November night in Collegeville, PA. It's been almost 12 years since that night. Andrew and I remained friends for many years after that night. I spent my 18th birthday with him and his grandparents in Tampa, FL. I was even his best man in his wedding back in Oregon. But we haven't been friends for almost two years, since he pulled a no call, no show for best man duties at my wedding.

Even with all that history, every time I hear the song “Feelings” by The Offspring, I am transported back to that November night.

"Music can transport you to another time with a couple of notes. It makes you feel the heartbreak or the love, right along with the singer. The right song speaks to your soul in a way nothing else can. It's magic." - Cindi Madsen

“Feelings” isn't the only song that transports me to a time or a feeling in the past. That is one thing about music that I have started to notice more and more as I grow older. That is why I listen to podcasts more than music these days. Podcasts can touch on sensitive subjects, but music is the gateway to my soul and to all of my feelings of the past. There are a few songs that will transport me to a happy time or memory, but for the most part the memories are sad. One thing I fear moving forward, since I don't listen to music much these days, will I no longer have those type of experiences. I tend to not re-listen to podcasts, so I can't imagine myself ten years from now, listening to a Radio Lab or Lore episode and being transported back to a time or feeling in the past.

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